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Chief Patron: Shri Anil Shastri, Special Invitee, Congress Working Committee (CWC), Patron: UK Mohanty, President: Giridhar Thakur, Vice President: D K Mazumdar and K K Bagul, General Secretary: Dr DS Chauhan, Organising Secretary: P K Maheshwari, Treasurer: Amit Gupta, Zonal Secretaries: Smt. Sandhya Chowdhary (North), Pushphas Pandey (Central), A K S Chauhan (West), Ashes K Chatterjee (South), Ranajee Mehta (East), A K Gogoi (North East), Committee Members: A K Dikshit, Mahesh Raichandani, R Mohan, Dr. S K Pandey, B V Rao, Advisor: A D Lokare

Important Issues Concerning NABARD & Its Officers


Dear Members,

        Important issues Concerning NABARD and its Officers-
                                                                        Time to be vigilant

NBOA wishes you and your family a very happy, peaceful and joyous Durga Puja, Dusshera and Deepawali ahead. May GOD bestow upon us all His/Her blessings and make NABARD, NBOA and all of us more strong-ethically, morally, physically and financially.
Friends, after the achievement of the historical wage settlement and acceding to of our demand by GoI to appoint a chairman from within our cadre, NBOA  has set itself the following important Agenda:
1. Revision in the Pension and Family Pension, which is the worst in the Banking Industry.
2. Issues related to Restructuring & Repositioning of NABARD & its adverse impact on service conditions and career progression.
3. Issues pertaining to DDMs.
4. Issue pertaining to the service conditions of NABARD officers at par with  RBI.
1. Revision of Pension & Family Pension
The CEC had earnestly taken-up these issues, both within the organisation and outside it too. NBOA has been able to apprise the top management as well as the political bigwigs of this country about the plight of our pensioners and the need for revision and updation of our pension scheme and removal of the cap on Family Pension. NBOA has, in consultation with SIDBI Officers Association and NABARD Retired Officers Association, put in place a  JOINT COORDINATION COMMITTEE, comprising representative of NBOA, SIDBI Officers Association and NABARD Retired Officers Association to fight for the issue pertaining to the Pension Scheme. THE CASE IS PENDING WITH GoI & the management is not taking any initiative as of now.
2.Proposed Changes in the structure & heirachy of NABARD, Service Conditions & career progression of  officers as a result of BCG recommendations
We have been repeatedly urging upon the management, both through written as well as verbal communication, to have a detailed and meaningful dialogue with NBOA in respect of repositioning & restructuring of NABARD as a sequel to BCG recommendations. NBOA has made it amply clear to the top management-past and present-that any tinkering with the DFI status of NABARD and any dilution in the service conditions of NABARD officers, with specific reference to the parity with RBI, shall not be acceptable to NBOA. Though the management has always assured that NBOA shall be taken on board and will be consulted on all the issues of restructuring and repositioning of NABARD, it has always gone back on its words and has decided to arbitrarily and unilaterally go ahead with the changes-both in business profile of NABARD and also towards the internal systems & control mechanisms governing the service conditions of our officers. Off late, certain decisions already taken by the management (decision to change the periodicity of reimbursements of perquisites, decision of introducing new PAR system etc.) and certain other decisions which are reportedly in the pipeline (such as merger of hierarchical grades, reduction of staff strength by 2015, reduction in promotional avenues, merger of departments, non recruitment of group B staff  etc. etc.) are all beset with long term as well as short term adverse impact both on the organisation as well as our service conditions. Abolishing of MD’s post and having a top structure of CMD & DMDs is a retrograde step. Even the Hon’ble Governor of RBI, a few days back, has gone public on this issue and has expressed his reservations on the centralisation of power at one place in the form of CMDs in PSUs and banks.
Central Executive is of the firm view that if the intent and designs of management are so clean & clear then there is no reason why not to take into the largest stakeholder of NABARD i.e. its employees & officers in to confidence before embarking on to a path of divergence with far reaching consequences ??? Friends, we have been patiently persuading, requesting and even cajoling the top management to see reason in our rightful demand of taking NBOA along in this exercise so that we shall be able to safeguard the interest of our officers as well as our organisation, but may be our patience and perseverance has been viewed by the management as our weakness. Probably the time has come to agitate, protest and emerge out victorious on this front too.
Friends, NABARD’s well earned and well deserved position in the industry and in the spectrum of Agriculture & Rural Development as a DFI and a unique organisation is being put to stake and the moot question remains that if the top management has nothing to hide and conceal then why it is  making all out efforts to skirt a dialogue and sharing of information with NBOA-the recognised representative body of officers- on this aspect ???
3. DDM Package- A cruel joke on DDMs
After a lot of persuasion and initiating of organisational move (submission of memorandum signed by each DDM & officer) etc., the bank has finally come out with the revised package for DDMs. We were surprised to note that more than 75 % of the agreed upon parameters, jointly decided by CPD, HRMD & NBOA, were changed, that too without consulting NBOA, we felt cheated and frustrated, and we had conveyed this to the Chairman and have urged upon him to revisit & reconsider many of the changes made towards the upkeep and maintenance of RCO of DDM and the support system available to a DDM-both physical & financial. We have not been responded with any favourable indications on this aspect too.
4. Pending Issues
Many of the pending facilities as being provided to in the RBI have also not been extended to us in spite of our prolonged and repeated appeals and requests. Issues like extending of revised Ph.D Allowance, Professional Allowance, Enhancement in lounge subsidy & Tea/Lunch charges and making the Medical Assistance Scheme at par with that of RBI in all respect are some of the deviations which are still persisting.
5. Victimisation/Harassment of officers on flimsy ground-Creation of Fear Psychosis in the Institution
Furthermore, it has come to our notice that management has embarked upon an era of issuing suspensions, CRS, displeasure notes and show cause notices on trivial issues and on small operational errors which may have crept in unintentionally during a normal course of functioning in day to day works. As per our information till date more than 25 officers in all grades have been at the receiving end of these show cause/ displeasure etc prompting at least 03 of them (including senior officers) to put in their papers. Notwithstanding the fact that officers are operating under severe constraints-like shortage or even complete absence of support staff, almost no technology generated back-ups and at times even under paucity of response time-over the years we have contributed single handedly in the rise of NABARD to commanding heights and now it is being made out that as if all of us, barring a few handful, are inefficient, incompetent and careless human resource manning this organisation.
Probably management has forgotten the old managerial saying that ‘only he/she will err at times who shall embark upon some work/ function’. Recoveries are being effected to by reopening the settled bills, that too without any documentary evidence and/or on factual basis, legitimate leaves are not being sanctioned to officers, scores of memos are being issued -including to those who are posted at the highest levels and officers are being transferred in and out of the centres either to favour a select few or to harass and victimize a select few. In spite of our polite, but firm requests to the top management to desist from such de-motivating practices, there seems to be no end to such mis-endeavors of management.
Needless to say that NBOA has no ill will towards anyone or any group of individuals-within or outside NABARD- nor is it an impediment to the process of growth, strengthening or even a change in our great organisation (NABARD). NBOA is simply demanding the top executives and also to the BoDs to harness the collective wisdom of 2700 officers of this august organisation while embarking upon to change the destiny of this organisation and also not only to take into account but to ensure that legitimate, statutorily backed and rightful aspirations of all these 2700 officers are safeguarded.
Friends, are we asking for too much or are we even sounding illogical and irrational?? If not, then why our voice is not being heard and why our attempts to have a wider consultation and participation are being stone walled....
In view of the above, now time has come to make our voice heard and also achieve our rightful say in the affairs of the organisation which we have together nurtured and shaped it up to a place of pride. We call upon each one of you to stand united, stand tall and stand up to this just cause of participating in shaping our and our organisations destiny.
We are sure that, as in the past, NBOA shall remain united, remain steadfast and will emerge out victorious once again.

NBOA Zindabad                                                  NABARD Zindabad
                                    OUR UNITY ZINDABAD

Fraternally Yours
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(Dr.D.S.Chauhan)                                          (U.K.Mohanty)
General Secretary                                              President


PS : make the lunch hour demonstration on 07/10/2011 a grand success.